Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008

For today…(Tuesday, november 18, 2008) my motivation level is pretty much at zero

Outside my window…the sun is setting, and the temperature is dropping

I am thinking…that my life is gonna go on, with or without him.

From the learning room…my momma told me that bats don't drink blood, they lap it up

I am thankful for....my family, the people who(even when they don't want to) put up with my many different moods and crappy attitude.

From the kitchen…my mom is making pancakes, sausage and eggs for dinner! Yummeh

I am wearing…shorts and a hoodie, despite the dropping temperatures

I am creating…admittedly, I'm not creating much of anything today.

I am going…to school tomorrow

I am reading...Eclipse...again

I am hoping…that things will get better-at least on an emotional/mental level.

I am hearing…paramore on my myspace playlist

Around the house…the floors need sweeping cause I'm a lazy lump and forgot to do it last night

One of my favorite things…walking on the shore of the lake in companionable silence, watching the waves lapping gently over the sand.

A few plans for the rest of the week...same as the last entry, study my behind off so I can get at least an A or B on any upcoming tests and keep my mind straight about things I can't help

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