Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17, 2008

For today…(monday, november 17, 2008) I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude about things I can't change.

Outside my window…the sun is setting, casting hues of orange across the skyline

I am thinking…that maybe it's time to reconstruct the wall, maybe put a few more bricks in place

From the learning room…apparently girls in my American History take offense to the traditional domestic role played by women.

I am thankful teachers and the effort they put into helping their students live up to their potential

From the kitchen…I rarely do anything in the kitchen that doesn't turn out as a disaster, but my mamma is definitely cooking some delightful chicken and dumplings for dinner!

I am wearing…holey jeans, flipflops, and an oversized dress shirt that is generally used for sleeping. I was just overly lazy and didn't have the motivation to dress up for school

I am creating…hopefully two 2 pages essays for extra credit in my American History class.

I am going…nowhere but to bed

I am reading....Twilight...again

I am hoping…that my thoughts stay clear and I can focus on something other than the fact that I can already feel his absence so keenly

I am hearing…kids show on the TV, Daniel and Mamma talking, Mickey Jade doing her usual

Around the house…eh, there's birds in the living room

One of my favorite things…walking on the shore of the lake in companionable silence, watching the waves lapping gently over the sand.

A few plans for the rest of the week...keep my mind off of that idiot, study my butt off for upcoming tests and stay as busy as humanly possible.

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