Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keenser Scott June '09-September '09

In our WILDEST dreams we never imagined that our shabby Shitzu, Dora, would ever get pregnant. We had been assured when she first became ours that she had been spayed..boy, were we misled! Shabby, lazy Dora gave birth to 7 little pups one night this last June and let me tell you, what a birth it was! Our Pitbull mix, Fleago, has given birth more than a handful of times and even she didn't complain as loudly and as much as our Dora...one would have thought the poor girl was dying, she was complaining so horribly, but nope, she was just giving birth. Wuss...well, I can't really say much-I haven't had to give birth to 7 kids.

As promised, I was given my choice out of the 7 block headed, colorfully assorted puppies...I was set on the runt of the litter, so pitiful looking and needy, but he slipped away on us, and after mourning the loss, I finally decided on one of the little brownies-a female I proudly dubbed "Keenser Scott."

To give a brief explanation of the name, my friend Stephen decided to drag me off to see the newest "Star Trek" film, and after laying eyes on the ugliest little alien I had ever seen, promptly fell in love and became obsessed. I knew everything I would name from then on would be named, "Keenser" and my new baby was no exception. The name stuck, and fit my little Monster just perfectly.

5 weeks after my Move to Casselberry, I decided to call my Mom and was informed immediately that my new companion was all ready to go and I could come pick her up at any time. I was back out in Geneva less than two hours later, carrying case in hand.

That day began 4 months of bliss, frustration, love and laughter that I wouldn't trade for anything. The ride back to Casselberry saw little Keenser trembling the whole way, her big front paws on my chest, her face and cold little nose buried in my neck. We made it back to Casselberry with no 'Accidents' in my lap or on the upholstery and I turned my little one loose..

The Shiba Inu, Koguma was quivering with excitement and almost turned little Keenser into a snack, while the Cat, Ama would have nothing to do with the little tan colored furball padding around on the carpet. It was pretty much love at first sight for everyone in the household, with the exception of course being grumpy Ama.

That first night I couldn't get Keenser to settle down, or quiet down for anything. I tried everything to reassure her and comfort her in her new, unfamiliar surroundings and finally at a loss I nestled her close to my side, laying her down atop my plush bunny rabbit and telling her in turn, first firmly, then softly that it was time for bed. At last, she gave one last heave of a sigh, nestled her nose into the fabric of my shirt and gave into sleep...

Until she woke up hours later with the sun, ready to go again and promptly had an 'Accident' all over the sheets. Even with puppy pee on my sheets, I was reluctant to get out of bed, and take her out...she grew tired of my reluctance and made her way clumsily to where I lay at the head of the bed, and began her first pitiful cries for attention.

I did my best to calm her, lest she wake up the still sleeping Sarah and cuddle her back up to me, but the little monster wasn't having it. She wormed her way out of my grasp, and made her way unsteadily to my pillow. I felt the slight weight of her, and figured she'd snuggle up and take a little nap, but I was mistaken. This I knew when I felt her tongue on my eyelid, licking relentlessly. This seemed to me, her way of saying "Its sunshine Mom, its time to get up, take me out-love me!" I was too pleased to be annoyed, or remove her from my bed. Her plan to get me up worked, there was no ignoring such an adorable plea for attention.

As she grew Keenser became as much a part of my daily routine as my own shadow. There was nowhere I went that she didn't go. I remember our first and sadly, only Starbucks run together. She was still terrified of the car by that time, but she took turns going first from me, to Yvonne in the drivers seat, to Sarah in the back. Turns out, she had a love for Einstein Bagels and Vanilla Frappachino's. The sight of whipped cream on her little nose and in her little beard is still etched in my mind.

I loved taking her out front in the mornings, when she first started becoming aware of the fact that outside was a designated 'Potty' spot. I'd grab my cigarettes, tuck her under my arm and head out to the front yard where I'd set her down. She take pause for just under a minute and then take off like a shot, sniffing everything, exploring and finding everything 'Chew' worthy-god help those hideous giant yellow grasshoppers if Keenser ever found them!

Her little tail would wag, and her fuzzy hound ears would fly back in the wind as she raced to and fro-one lap around the yard, then another before racing back to Mama and growling in a vain attempt for me to play awhile. 7 am is far too early for this girl to start racing about thank you!

Little Keenser was so clumsy (just like her Mama) and during any given lap around the yard, she'd almost always find something to trip over and down she'd go; front legs splayed in front of her, chin in the dirt, pink tongue panting furiously-eyes cast upwards looking at me like, "What the heck Mom!" Like I had anything to do with those long grasshopper legs getting all tangled up. It was so helplessly adorable, I Couldn't help but laugh every time before calling her over and watching her jump up and race over, no harm done.


Long Time, No Entry

Yikes! After repeatedly overlooking several invites from my Mother, and retrieving my Blogger sign-in Password, I'm finally signed back in-I'm shocked to realize its been since November of '08 since I've made a post. Can you say, "Slacker!"

So much has happened since then, I don't even know where to begin-there's just too much!

It wouldn't hurt to mention my move to Casselberry this July. Things at home finally came to a head, and I found myself settling in with my Brother, Daniel's (15) ex-girlfriend Sarah and her all female family. Its been quite the adventure, and that's putting it mildly.

Its safe to say I adore Sarah and can usually tolerate the others, but going from a household of pretty much all males to a household of bossy, stubborn, out of control females was quite the shock to my spoiled system. I was constantly feeling dizzy and unsure of how to deal with my new room-mates..to be more exact, I was at a loss.

About 5 weeks after my arrival into their midst, I was able to bring home my new baby, a shitzu mix puppy and boy did that make the transition easier. The first born of a litter of 7, little Keenser filled up my previously empty time and kept me on my toes every second of the day. For 4 months that little girl followed my every move and proved a wonderful challenge.

With a heavy heart I say that my little Monster came down with a case of Parvo last week and after 4 days of fighting with everything she had, finally gave in and let the sickness take her. She brought with her presence in my life happiness, peace, laughter and more love than I could have imagined-She is and will be missed dearly....

I've been back out in Geneva for a month now, and have yet to make my way back to Casselberry...the loss of little Keenser weighs so heavily on my heart that the idea of walking back through that door without her is unbearable..to return to the bed we shared, and see her haunting grounds, there is no better word to describe my feelings, than unbearable...unimaginable.

Like I said, there is so much to go over, but tonight there isn't time and I'm thinking I might make an entry entirely dedicated to my little girl while I'm able.

Until my next entry, this is goodbye....