Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Long Time, No Entry

Yikes! After repeatedly overlooking several invites from my Mother, and retrieving my Blogger sign-in Password, I'm finally signed back in-I'm shocked to realize its been since November of '08 since I've made a post. Can you say, "Slacker!"

So much has happened since then, I don't even know where to begin-there's just too much!

It wouldn't hurt to mention my move to Casselberry this July. Things at home finally came to a head, and I found myself settling in with my Brother, Daniel's (15) ex-girlfriend Sarah and her all female family. Its been quite the adventure, and that's putting it mildly.

Its safe to say I adore Sarah and can usually tolerate the others, but going from a household of pretty much all males to a household of bossy, stubborn, out of control females was quite the shock to my spoiled system. I was constantly feeling dizzy and unsure of how to deal with my new room-mates..to be more exact, I was at a loss.

About 5 weeks after my arrival into their midst, I was able to bring home my new baby, a shitzu mix puppy and boy did that make the transition easier. The first born of a litter of 7, little Keenser filled up my previously empty time and kept me on my toes every second of the day. For 4 months that little girl followed my every move and proved a wonderful challenge.

With a heavy heart I say that my little Monster came down with a case of Parvo last week and after 4 days of fighting with everything she had, finally gave in and let the sickness take her. She brought with her presence in my life happiness, peace, laughter and more love than I could have imagined-She is and will be missed dearly....

I've been back out in Geneva for a month now, and have yet to make my way back to Casselberry...the loss of little Keenser weighs so heavily on my heart that the idea of walking back through that door without her is unbearable..to return to the bed we shared, and see her haunting grounds, there is no better word to describe my feelings, than unbearable...unimaginable.

Like I said, there is so much to go over, but tonight there isn't time and I'm thinking I might make an entry entirely dedicated to my little girl while I'm able.

Until my next entry, this is goodbye....

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