Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 4, 2010

For today…(Thursday, March 4, 2010) Its 1am and I'm wide awake

Outside my window…the world is still and misleadingly at peace

I am thinking…I'm slowly regaining my old self..but something deep inside of me keeps trying to tug me back to the darker side, the impostor Jordin left behind

From the learning room…Bats don't suck blood, they lap it up with their tongues

I am thankful for....tough love, mistakes that have helped me realize so many important things about myself and life, my family and Lexibear

From the kitchen…the kitchen is currently uninhabited

I am wearing…shorts and the top half to my surgical scrubs

I am creating…a journal documenting my life from here on out..its a work in progress

I am going…to bed shortly

I am reading...surprisingly, nothing at the moment

I am hoping…I keep my act together and not waste the second chance I've been given

I am hearing…"Bigger" by the Backstreet boys

Around the house…its chaotic lately

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